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Not all disputes can be resolved in a friendly, uncontentious manner.  While every effort may be made to resolve a dispute short of court intervention, there are times when little choice is left.  Whether the disagreement is about the value of the losses suffered after an accident resulting in injuries, the condition in which your home has been left after your contractor left without finishing the work, or your neighbor’s idea of where your property ends and his begins, or the whether or not your rights were injured by your employer’s actions, there are times when a lawsuit or a properly asserted claim is the only alternative.

Workers Compensation

 As in many jurisdictions, Connecticut’s laws protect injured employees, preserving for them the rights to proper treatment and compensation while injuries prevent the employee from working.  The law requires employers to provide workers compensation insurance coverage for this very purpose.  However, the insurer is the gateway to benefits.  When this gateway seems to have closed, you will have little choice but to hire an attorney to see to it that you get what you need.  Ongoing medical treatment and weekly benefits are essential until you’ve reached the point at which you will, either, return to work, or determine you cannot.  If you cannot return to work, maximizing what remains of your case becomes essential.

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Small Business Management, Formation, Sale, and Acquisition

In today’s ever-evolving business world, your own idea can turn into your own employment and grow into a business employing many.  Whether you are starting your business from scratch, or acquiring an existing business, legal representation from the outset can save many headaches in the future, whether those headaches stem from the day-to-day management of the business, or dealing with employment issues.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Buying, selling, or building your home on a vacant lot can be one of life’s greatest joys.  When buying and/or building, an attorney is essential to make sure that you start off in your new home without having to deal with a history of title issues of construction issues.  Similarly, when selling your home or commercial property, it is important to make sure you are transferring title and completely absolving yourself of any ongoing obligations with respect to that property.

Estate Planning and Probate

No one likes to think of the inevitable future.  No one has yet figured out how to live forever.  Therefore, it is important to make sure that the loved ones who survive you are taken care of in the manner you intend.  Once your loved one has passed, it is equally important to make sure that his or her assets are distributed as had been intended.

Intellectual Property, including Copyright and Trademark

Do you write poems, stories or music?  Do you believe your creativity should be published?  In today’s e-world, it is easier than ever to turn your own creative piece into a marketable product.  Before you do, protect your rights to your creative work by copyrighting it.  Similarly, do you have a clever and unique visual appearance to your business name or business product?  If it enhances the marketability of your goods or services, make sure it is uniquely yours by filing a Federal trademark.

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