I have had the pleasure of having Attorney Vincent Cervoni represent myself and many family members for 20 years or more now.  The longest case I had was a Workers Compensation case that started in 1997 and recently settled.  It involved a lot of court time and work for him. I feel he went above and beyond for me with this case.  I have used Vinny for other legal matters also.  He is professional, reliable and most of all compassionate to every obstacle I have faced in the many years that he has been my Attorney.  Vinny has had extreme success in everything I have asked him to do for me.  I would recommend him highly to anyone to handle their legal matters.  I have referred many family and friends to him and will continue to do so.  He responds to you personally and does not leave you waiting.  I will continue to call Vinny for any legal issues that may come up in the future without hesitation and will continue to refer him to anyone for all their legal needs.

Cara Coughlin East Haven, CT

“As a practicing attorney of 23 years, I consistently turn to Vinny, for representation when I need my personal legal needs serviced.  He most recently handled a house closing for my wife and I, and we have the highest level of confidence in him.   He is also the attorney to whom I refer my clients for worker’s compensation matters, residential closings, or other matters in which I might have a conflict.  He’s a lawyer’s lawyer!”

Gerald T. Giaimo, Esq. New Haven, CT

‘You can trust Vinny!’

Lawyers have forever been soiling the reputation of their own profession.  We are rightfully skeptical and suspicious.  Vinny and I forged an enduring friendship over 30 years ago . I trust him with my life and those of my loved ones.  Oh…he’s my attorney too!  I am blessed to have my trusted friend; being my attorney is just a bonus.  Know please that Vinny will treat you the same as he would me and his family. Vinny is a good man!  He just happens to be a ‘lawyer‘.

Mark P. Catania, D.D.S. Madison, CT

"I know the real estate transaction that you have so ably handled for us should have been fairly simple and straightforward as real estate transactions go and I know you have handled numerous that have been far more complex. I am sorry that ours was rendered more problematic by the inconsistencies and carelessness of the bank and the consternation those inconsistencies engendered which initiated my queries to you.

Throughout, you have handled these legal matters with eminent professionalism and you have been magnanimous in the courtesy and patience you have shown throughout. You and Debbie always made yourselves available and you were diligent about following up and reaching out to assure that we were always kept well-informed. I told Debbie to whom I spoke just a while ago to convey Janine's and my thanks and sincere appreciation to you and your entire staff for your excellent legal representation, but we would be remiss if we didn't convey our grateful sentiments to you personally through the writing of this email.

Please know that we would look forward to having Loughlin Law be our go-to law firm if the need for future legal representation should ever arise (assuming you would have us again!) Rest assured we will be commending you to other family members and friends who might seek us out for our recommendation of a reliable and competent law firm.

Wishing you and Debbie a good and safe Fourth of July holiday ahead. Thanks to you both again."


Tony and Janine